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tonight to protect funding for the job center. funding for the west oakland job resource center has come into question amid controversy over plans to put up aloom nateed billboards -- illuminated billboards. those boards were to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to help with the center. >>> you can expect periodic lane closures near the toll plaza on the bay bridge from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. over the next six months. officials say the lane closures are needed to work on the toll plaza including paving and replacing some of the crashed cushions. the east span is due to even to traffic in -- to open to traffic in december. >>> let's check in with sal. welcome back. >> thank you. >> how is traffic? >> well, we're had a -- well, we've had a couple of stalled vehicles. the metering lights will get switched on low after there's a few stalled vehicles. a 30-minute delay if you are waiting to get on the bridge itself. another 20 minutes or maybe 10 to 15 on the span itself. we're looking at the better part of an hour getting into san francisco unless you are in the carpool lan
in other areas 22 mile per hour wind gust in oakland out of northeast that's why it is so mild this morning in some areas outside of our inland valleys mid to upper 50s around the bay and coast at 7:00, 40 -- 40s inland warmest afternoon in the forecast. >>> 6:15. >>> if you own an ipad, kindle or any other tablet you probably know the frustration of not finding it where you left it last night because the kids are using. >> now there are tablets made for kids for good or bad. michael finney and consumer reports look at choices. >> reporter: if you are not wild about sharing your tablet with your kids, good news, this year more tablets made especially for them and far from kids play. consumer reports checked them out. colorful tablets are made for kids but they've got features all grown-up. >> this year we are seeing tablets with real android operating systems wifi and expandable memory. >> reporter: consumer reports evaluated five tablets designed for kids between $150 and $200. testers checked lots of features, including display quality. some screens were hard to view from angle. this mach
. >>> well oakland wants to fill the new job center but some say the plan to pay for it is a sell out for the community. that's because the money would come from revenue generated by new billboards near the bay bridge toll plaza. story tonightm 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> one person polite another crucial funding source. that's the gist of the controversy over how to pay for new job in career resource center in west oakland. proposed deal between the city and oakland army base developer would fund the center with proceeds from 5 new bright and shiny billboard along the freeway at the bay bridge landing. they would join the 3 that are already there. >> okay i grant y this it's a monstrosity but those decision have already been made and negotiated since the bill beard are going to be there, the revenue or some of the revenue from the billboard ought to fund the job center. >>reporter: as show of support for the funding plan oakland clergy join with other community members to hold a candle light vigil and prayer schlts event held at the west oakland library which would house t
some security officers will be walking off the job in a couple of days. >>> the oakland raiders have been given an extension to try to avoid a local television blackout this sunday. the team has until noon to meet the deadline to sell out at least 85% of its tickets. sunday's game is the home finale against the kansas chiefs. they are 3-2. the chiefs are 2- 11. oakland has lost six straight. >>> time now 5:17. sal is back. you have everything under control? >> i don't have the raiders under control. >> well, you and dave you will come together and fix it all. >> we are going to try. good morning. dave is our director here who is is a big raider fan. right now highway 4 is getting busier and it always -- i don't know why it surprises me. people are on the road early on highway 4 this morning is no exception. bay point area is a little crowded. 680 looks good. and 24 is looking good right now between walnut creek and oakland. also the morning commute looks good in oakland itself. this is interstate 880 north and southbound you can see from our live picture the traffic looking good. if
bill board. abc 7 news is live for us in west oakland. >> we're talking about several new bill boards out there. this vigil just wrapping up here. they had it heer because this is where this career center would be locate bud some say the plan to pay for it is a sellout for the community. one blight is another funding source. that is the gift of the controversy over thousand pay for a new job and resource center. a proposed deal between the and i army base developer would fund the center with<í proceeds with five new bright and shiny bill boards. they would join the three that are already there. >> i will grant you that. but those decisions have been made in negotiated since the bill boards goring to be there, revenue from the bill board is and ought to fund the job center. >> oakland clergy joined to hold a vigil and prayer service. the events held on 18th and adeline. opponents say the proposed deal is ultimately a bad one for the community. >> we want jobs and a job center. to base it on polluting the landscape it trying to pit us against each other. that is the intention of this.
we start this noon with breaking news out of oakland. the woman who murdered the bay area nursing student michelle lay will spent 25 years behind bars. the 29-year-old was sentenced about an hour ago in an oakland courtroom. prosecutors argued she planned the measure murder for months because they thought leigh was involved with her ex-boyfriend. >> it has been a long two years. we were able to talk about michelle as a person and recount how we felt when she was murdered. it meant a lot to us. >> we are glad that some form of justice has been served. >> that is the attorney, admitting she killed le but asked for a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter saying she acted in the heat of passion. >>> two men cheated death twice this morning when their truck hit a power line in san leandro and burst into flames. we have more on the split second decision that saved their lives there. >> reporter: this truck is just a shell of itself. it was filled with uniforms and 150-gallons of fuel. it caught on fire after snagging a high voltage power line creating a dangerous situation for the you
oakland cuando un hombre armado abri fuego en las instalaciones. cesar ---noticiero telemundo 48 sali a las calles del rea de la baha a preguntarle a nuestra comunidad ---qu opinan sobre esta tragedia que ha cobrado la vida de 27 personas... open mayra mayra mayra cesar gracias mayra... ---un sujeto acusado de cometer una serie de violaciones sexuales en san francisco pasara el resto de su vida en prision... take vo ---frederick dozier de 33 aÑos fue sentenciado a cadena perpetua esta maÑana... ---dozier golpeo salvajemente a sus victimas les robaba y luego las violaba... los hechos ocurrieron el aÑo pasado en el distrito de la mission... ---el sujeto fue acusado luego de pruebas de adn y la confesion de sus crimenes. vo-blanca --la policia del bart ha revelando este video de un hombre que le roba un telefono celular a un pasajero que ni cuenta se da. --el sospechoso...t oma el celular y huye. --las camaras de seguridad lo graban todo y desde varios angulos. --las autoridades quenes piden a todos los usuarios del transporte estar alertas....seÑa lan ademas que esto sucedio en la t
shot in broad daylight near oakland's jack london square. the victim is michael taylor. police say he suffered gunshot wounds just before 3:00 p.m. homicide directives don't know of a motive. >>> oakland police are looking for a driver who hit and seriously injured a motorcyclist last night. the collision happen the about 10:00 p.m. at high street and fleming avenue. witnesses reported seeing a possibly gold sedan hit the victim, and then take off. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. >>> caltrain service is back on track tonight after a brief shut down earlier this evening, when a train struck a car in san francisco. somehow the vehicle ended up on the tracks at 16th street near 7th. no one was injured. the accident happened around 5:30 tonight. that's when service was temporarily suspended. thecontra costa times is reporting the identity of a man killed in a skateboarding accident. scott hickerson died when he was struck. he was riding his skateboard in the crosswalk when he was hit. the driver stopped, and so far no charges have been file the. >>> friends gather
have two sisters. now i only have one. e played for the oakland a's. this year she was named billbo rivera recently divorced esteban luiz a who played for the oakland a's. >>> today is sentencing day for the woman who killed nursing student shell lei last year -- michelle lei last year. giseleesteban, is accused of murder. four months after she disappeared from a hayward hospital. esteban was said to have killed her in a jealous rage over a man. >>> and a man accused of kidnapping sierra lamar will be arraigned on new charges. garcia torrez has been accused of three other attempts at kidnapping, taking place in 2009 and all in a safeway parking lot. he was employed at that safeway in morgan hill. >>> for the third time this year, vandals have tried to silence a vallejo radio station. community station kzct is operating online only. vandals struck the station's transmitter site over the weekend. the o oater tornado is -- operator is wondering if the attacks are racially motivated. >> i'm only one man. i can only fight so long, and like i said, this is community radio. >> a rational s
. oakland, one of the more mild spots right now, 59 degrees there. 53 in san francisco. and 42 in santa rosa. we have this big ridge of high pressure and it is sitting firm over the pacific, over the bay area. that's what's keeping us high and dry. today and tomorrow. now, by tomorrow night, that's when things start to get a little dicey. we're watching a low pressure system to the north and that is going to move our way bringing a good chance of rain by midweek. in the meantime, we'll focus on mild temperatures for today. a lot of 60s, mid- to upper 60s across the bay area. hopefully you enjoyed yesterday. it's going to be a similar story today. we're hitting a repeat on yesterday's forecast. coming up, we will get a check o. 7-day forecast because -- of that 7-day forecast because you will want to stay tuned for that. >>> 5:04 now, grammy nominated latina musician from the united states is dead after her plane crashed in mexico. a small plane carrying jenny rivera went down shortly after takeoff in mexico. 7 people were on board. rivera's california driver's license was found at the crash
crimes increase around the stations in oakland and san francisco during the holiday season. last night bart oakland police private and volunteer security guards escorted passengers to their cars. bart will also increase security through the end of the month. >> i was ambushed by two men. they pointed a gun at me, asked -- took my stuff and pistol- whipped me in t face. >> most common is cell phone theft. police say riders should pay attention to their surroundings. >>> layoffs and red tape are causing oakland police to make fewer traffic stops down by 75% from a couple of years ago. officers have made fewer than 16,000 stops this year down from 68,000 back in 2009. police point to layoffs and staffing shortages that put lower priority items on the back burner. some officers also complain that the paperwork process is a deterrent because it is complicated and very time- consuming. >>> other bay area headlines on this friday now. frederick dozier is expected to be sentenced today. he was convicted last month for a series of sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district. the attack
with a crash and two people headed to the hospital. oakland police say it began at 8:00 when they tried to stop this black car. officers say it was reported as a stolen vehicle. the driver took off and within minutes crashed into a mazda and crashed into a fence. the driver in the mazda and the driver of the black car were both taken to the hospital. the injuries we are told are not considered life threatening. >>> now to san francisco where we have learned the identity of a pedestrian that was hit and killed. the driver was hit by a white dodge truck. police say he is cooperating. paramedics were unable to revive the victim. he was 75-year-old wen. >>> in walnut creek, crews are working at this hour to repair a broken water main. it broke in afternoon at ignacio at wiggins lane. we're told the work will begin tonight and will be done by tomorrow morning. we'll be checking into the construction work starting tonight. >>> and investigators are headed to hex ka -- to mexico to investigate a crash involving riv era. >> i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. all of the fan
distrito de oakland, mas que ocultar lo ocurrido, se basa en escuchar a los niÑos para explicarles la situacion. anette oropeza distrito escolar de oakland lo mas importasnte es dejarlos hablar de sus sentimientos y especialmente dejar ver en los menores que lo ocurrido hoy, aunque demasiado triste, son aspectos ecepcionales que no tienen porque entrar al diario vivir. cesar --- esta tragedia causo consternacio n en muchos... --- incluyendo al presidente obama .. quien expreso su gran pesar. stop open --- continuamos nuestra cobertura en equipo con gabriela dellan quien nos amplia en vivo.. roll open dellan quien nos amplia en vivo.. roll open -- la reaccion de obama fue muy emotiva.. y es que se trata de la mayor tragedia de una escuela estadounidense .... y del septimo tiroteo en un centro de enseÑanza en lo que va de aÑo. --- con un nudo en la garganta... y lagrimas a flor de piel.. asi hablo obama al referirse a la masacre de hoy.. sot: "the mayority who died today are children, beatiful little kids between the age of five and 10" 0:13 -- el mandatario expreso sus condolencias a
night ahead. grab a sweater or jacket. the high for today. 72 in downtown oakland. broke previous record of 68. skype in mountain view was a tie and oakland airport tied the previous record coming in at 71 degrees in you can say farewel farewell. to this mild to warm weather. we have rain coming. possibly snow here. we may even talking about some hail. back with the timing of the next cold storm in a few minutes. >> okay thanks. >> pleasant hill investigate yet another miami bomb incident. a parent spotted the device outside the office at pleasanton elementary school at 1:00 o'clock. classes had been dismissed but police put the school on lock down as precaution on friday police arrested 2 teenagers boys on suspicion of blowing up a mailbox with home made device. the boys had a second bomb in their possession investigators say. >> new at 11:00 san francisco police are on the hunt for the person who shot a man on mission district street. officer reresponsibleed to reports of multiple shots fired near 14th just before 8:00 o'clock tonight no. information on the victim or his c
solicitantes. blanca ---al parecer, los agentes de policia de oakland hacen hoy menos detenciones que hace 3 aÑos. take vo ---segun datos entregados por la agencia al periodico "san francisco chronicle", en 2008 y 2009, los policias hicieron un promedio de 68 mil detenciones de personas, conductores o peatones por distintas razones. take half slab ---pero a partir de 2010, este numero de contactos se redujeron a 49 mil y el aÑo pasado solamente se registraron 25 mil. ---para muchos expertos, este tipo de paradas son claves en la prevencion de la delincuencia y ocurre justo en medio de una ola de criminalidad que ha cobrado mas de 100 vidas. blanca ---surge otro movimiento que pretende destituiur al alguacil de san francisco ross mikarimi... tak evo ---la organizacion "ciudadanos por un alguacil responsable" esta solicitando 50 mil firmas que serian presentadas al mismo funcionario para que renuncie a su cargo. ---segun un representant e de la organizacion; la renuncia seria la unica forma de evitar una costosa campaÑa. ---los organizadore s "no" fijaron alguna fecha para alcanzar su meta.
oakland. >>> los integrantes del grupo de danza ritmo y movimiento latino no salen del asombro y creen que es una mentira de la vida. >>> solamente quedan los discos, ojalÁ que sea mentira. >>> otros lloraron en silencio. >>> me la paso cantando. >>> lloraste? >>> sÍ, lo hice, escondidas, luego no yo sabÍa sÉ. >>> los restos de la aeronave fueron localizados a la tarde en el municipio de iturbide en nuevo leÓn, conmociono a ileana que compartiÓ momentos con jenni luego de una presentaciÓn en san josÉ. >>> platicamos, nos saludamos, nos tomamos una foto. >>> en esa oportunidad segÚn ileana obtuvo el consejo apropiado para su carrerde bailarina. >>> le dije de mis planes, me dijo que siguiera. >>> en esa conversaciÓn se vio reflejada, le dijo que comenzÓ desde abajo aÚn siendo madre. >>> me dijo que no parara aunque fuera madre joven y todo. >>> es por eso que ileana tendÁa una razÓn mÁs para honrar la memoria de jenni. > >>> el grupo de baile que lidera ileana, trabajarÁ fuerte para ganar el primer lugar en oakland. si ganan el triunfo se lo dedicarÁn a jenni rivera, de re
this morning up the nimitz freeway through oakland. plus just getting word of what sounds like a pretty bad accident in daly city. we'll have details coming up. >>> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, december 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:01. we are on the scene of breaking news in the east bay at an apartment fire that started about an hour ago. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in hayward getting the latest. >> reporter: that apartment completely destroyed and there was a mother who lived there with her young son. she told us that she thinks somebody threw something into her home and that's what caused it to set on fire. so arson investigators are on scene. they are trying to sort all of this out but we are on dixon street right by the bart station. this was a one-alarm fire but again it caused significant damage and firefighters say that that family won't be able to return home. nobody was hurt. pg&e crews also on scene securing some lines and we are still waiting to get some more information but as i said arson investigators are on scene. elissa h
tierra. >> la policía de oakland buscan a los responsables de quienes mataron a una abuela, consideran que su participacion es fundamental en la capturado. >> josti astafoa de 17 años, los capturaron el lunes por posicion de armas. >> dos escuelas de san jose permanecieron cerrados porque desaparecieron dos armas, momentos después los oficiales encontraron las armas y se reanudaron las clases. >> a consecuencia del enfrento armado, las escuelas permanecieron cerradas y los alumnos dentro. >> un mujer se encuentra en estado critico por haber sido arrollada, la trasladaron al hospital, el responsable coopero con las autoridades. >> les parece que un maesto debe armarse, cree que deben hacerlo, reeves dice que se podrain contratar guardias de seguridad. >> un hombre que se presento voluntario para cuidar la escuela, djo haber estado en los amrines, pero no se encontraron registros. >> las autoridades de san francisco pretenden aumentar la seguridad, por un lado evitar un tipo de balas y notificar a la policía cuando alguien compra 500 municiones o más. >> más precauciones para las ar
a few hours later. >>> a ten thousand dollar reward is being offered in oakland's latest homicide. police say that someone shot and killed a man on 83rd avenue and d street yesterday afternoon. the victim a 49-year-old man from contra coasta died at the scene. nobody has been argumented and the motive is still under investigation. this is oakland's 122nd homicide compared to 105 at the same time last year. >>> we are learning more about young man shot and killed in a quiet san jose neighborhood earlier this week. he has been identified as 18- year-old john cody. his body was found on fair haven drive tuesday near a pickup truck that was up on the sidewalk. emergency crews first thought his injuries were from the crash but later determined that he had been shot. police say there is no evidence that the killing is gang related. >> police in oakland and in san francisco, they are teaming up in an effort to get guns off the streets. a gun buy back program will be held tomorrow from ten to three for oakland and san francisco residents only. in oakland the guns can be dropped off at sa
to be back with fresh crab late tonight. >>> in overnight news, look at this. a car slammed into an oakland fire hydrant and water shot high in the air. it happened at 5th and embarcadero. the car headed to jack london square, leaving this mess we hind -- behind. >>> sal, how are we looking? >> well, it's a little bit slow because of the wet weather we're having and the traffic is gonna be slower than usual. just a little bit. let's take a look at what we have westbound bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 20- minute delay. carpool lanes are moving well once you make it on the bridge. it's fine. it looks like the pavement has dried off. if you are driving into san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good on the left -- on the left-hand side there. so does southbound 101 heading down to the peninsula heading to the airport. if you are driving down the peninsula to redwood city, it's a nice drive. across the bay, we have slow traffic from 238 on down and in the santa clara valley we've had slow traffic and the 85 already. 7:07. let's go to -- let's go to steve. >>> this is a colder pa
ended with a crash and two people headed to the hospital. oakland police say it began at 8:00 when they tried to stop this black car. officers say it was reported as a stolen vehicle. the driver took off and within minutes crashed into a mazda and crashed into a fence. the driver in the mazda and the driver of the black car were both taken to the hospital. the injuries we are told are not considered life threatening. >>> now to san francisco where we have learned the identity of a pedestrian that was hit and killed. the driver was hit by a white dodge truck. police say he is cooperating. paramedics were unable to revive the victim. he was 75-year-old wen. >>> in walnut creek, crews are working at this hour to repair a broken water main. it broke in afternoon at ignacio at wiggins lane. we're told the work will begin tonight and will be done by tomorrow morning. we'll be checking into the construction work starting tonight. >>> and investigators are headed to hex ka -- to mexico to investigate a crash involving riv era. >> i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. all
. 46 in oakland. right now, the visibility here, five miles. 10 miles on the eastern shore, where this morning, it was down to less than a couple hundred feet. to the west of us, seven-mile visibility in oakland. tomorrow, high pressure builds in. clouds move out, sunshine and cooler temps. and that will be the forecast pretty much through the rest of the week. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. >>> new allegations today against former elmo puppeteer, cleven clash. >> reporter: the -- kevin clash. >> the attorney representing two of the previous three accusers is now representing another accuser. these new allegations involve a teenager who was 16 or 17 when he met clash in late 1995 or 1996. the unnamed teenager says he met clash in miami and clash later paid for him to travel to new york, where the assault took place. clash became the voice of elmo more than a quarter century ago. clash left the show november 20th, after two accusers came forward. he has admitted to having a relationship with only one of them. mary, back to you. >> cla
a little taste of the world. enjoy sabra dips. adventure awaits. >>> port of oakland employees voted to ratify a contract agreement reached last month. this is video from the strike. the agreement includes a cost of living raise over the next two years and a signing bonus. they have been bargaining since june of 2011. >>> gas prices continue to drop. the average price in the u.s. dropped 10 cents over the past three weeks. in san francisco the average price $3.71. that is down 30 cents from a months ago. in oakland 3 dollars 59. san jose see the dollars 57. >>> president obama and speaker of the house john boehner met today to discuss the fiscal cliff. this comes as the head of the international monetary fund said failing to reach a deal would have far reaching effects on the economy. >> reporter: a quick fix is not the answer for resolving the fiscal crisis. a more comprehensive solution is needed. she says any deal must do more than avoid the fiscal cliff to get america's economy growing again. >> there is still the degree of uncertainty that prevents investors from making decision
, , piden cerrar puertas y ventans . >> policía de oakland encuentra plantas de marihuana en edificio esto en la zona en pantalla, como investigación que continúa ., >> 4 estaciones de bbomberos,cierran desde enero , votan para el recorte, están en las zonas en pantalla . >> la medida ahorra al condado 3 millones de dólares en 6 meses . > dos policías salvan a menor, la madre con sangre toco la puerta de desamparados se lo dio a un hombre , le dieron resucitacion al pequeño y lo llevaron al hhospital,. >> en ese momento no tenemos cargos que vamos a dar a la mamá por dejarnos el niño así . >> la mamá y el bebé están hospitalizados en san francisco ,. >> oficina del gobernador de california dice que jerry brown tiene cáncer de prostata, esta en tratamiento , el cáncer se detecto tempranamente , tendrá agenda normal en su tratamiento médico dicen . >> a penas 20% de jóvenes para acción diferida lo han hecho , por que no lo aprovechan esta diana , buenas tardes . >> buenas tardes . >> platicanos cuales son las razones porque los dreamers n olo piden . >> por el dinero del f
coverage of the elementary school tragedy. >>> checking bay area headlines here at home an "oakland post" office up and operating again after a hazmat scare forced an evacuation. the laurel district branch on high street had to be shut down about 10 a.m. and the building cleared for investigation. it turned out to be a leaking pepper gas canister in a drawer, the kind they use to keep dogs away. eight people were treated at the scene. and the building reopened by noon. >>> grisly discovery inside a burning storage unit in campbell. firefighters found a body after dousing the flames about 1:30 this morning. they described the unit on cunis drive as about the size of a walk-in closet. investigators suspect the person may have been sleeping -- living there. foul play is not suspected. >>> and good news for parents bad news for some dentists. fluoride will finally be added to south bay drinking water. santa clara valley water district okayed that plan meaning san jose will no longer be the nation's largest city without the dental preventative. it will take about two years though to get the s
>> en oakland, un hombre atropello a una victima inocente cuando la policía intentaba detener a un bmw, el condcutor aceleró y se impactó con este automóvil >> la sexta sospechosa en el caso del amordazamiento de un hombre fue instruido en san francisco, a katherine conocida como killer se imputaron cargos por robo y portación de armas, stephen y unaa mujer fueron encontrados amordazados, uno mirio por un balazo y el otro logro sobrevivir >> el presidente barack obama y lideres del congreso se unieron a puertas cerradas para discutir la solución al abismo fiscal >> el poabama intentó llegar a un acuerdo para evitar lo que se conoce como el precipicio fiscal los congresistas se fueron sin hacer un acuerdo >> ya no queda tiempo para generar esto, podemos esperar un acuerdo temporal. >> los republicanos dicen que el presidente quiere gastar mucho, los demócratas dicen que los republicanos están protegiendo a los ricos, el presidente barack obama demanda más impuestos para los ricos >> los miembros de la cámara baja tendrán que regresar a la capital, en la calle muchos ni saben
a varias personas en oakland take vo ---el siniestro ocurri en un apartamento de tres plantas, ubicado en la avenida "warfield", cerca de lake merritt ---los bomberos dicen que al menos 6 personas viven en la unidad donde se originaron las llamas ---una persona fue llevada al hospital por inhalacion de humo, nadie mas resulto herido ---el monto de los daÑos o la causa del siniestro no han sido revelados. cesar faltan pocos dias para las fiestas.. y hay que mantener el espiritu de la navidad con sus hijos.. blanca --gabriela dellan les dice como hacerlo con su computadora.. . en tecnologia a la mano.. blanca ---ahora volvemos con ariel rodriguez y el pronostico extendido.. cesar ---adelante ariel.. take pkg blanca ---nueva pausa en noticiero telemundo 48, pero al regresar... take vo ---cuide donde deja su dinero, le tenemos las increibles imagenes de un robo en el mostrador de una tienda take sot segment ends topvo - cesar ---que mejor que recibir un topvo - cesar ---que mejor que recibir un poco de alegria esta navidad, especialmente si viene de manos de un jugador de los 49ers ---esta m
divorced former major league pitcher esteban loiza who once played for the oakland a's. riffraffs named mexican music artist of the year -- rivera was named mexican music artist of the year. >>> a suspect in a shooting at an indian reservation was shot by police. 31-year-old hector salaya was the prime suspect of a shooting on a reservation. he was on the run with his two daughters. deputies chased him after he ignored stop signs. deputies say he shot both his daughters and one of them has life threatening injuries. >>> a vigil for a man shot to death outside his antioch home last night. police found a 40 glide man with multiple gun -- 43-year- old man with multiple gunshot wounds in front of his house last night just before 11:00. police have not released the victim's name. they are still looking for the shooter and the motive. >>> an emotional win for america's team with one teammate dead and another in jail accused of killing him, the cowboys showed their resilience on and off the field. >> reporter: dallas cowboy josh brent walked out of a texas jail sunday, a day after he was char
harrington, cbs 5. >>> flames tore through an east oakland building overnight. now police say squatters may be to blame. crews battled the one-alarm fire around 1:30 at 64th and international boulevard. flames sparked back up around 4 a.m. and they were put out. the building may have housed several homeless. no injuries were reported. >>> the same building caught fire back in august. it took firefighters about half hour to put out those flames. at the time it was an appliance store called budget appliances. >>> investigators in the east bay want to know if several pipe bombs are related. there have been four found in the last few days. the latest was found outside pleasant hill elementary school. the latest bomb was found outside the school while classes were in session yesterday. had pleasant hill police got the walnut creek bomb squad there to deal with that device. >> we hope there aren't more. we hope it won't be a rash of them. >> over the weekend, five teenagers were arrested in pleasant hill for a mailbox bombing on friday. they are accused of planting a bomb at a pleasant hill high
. >>> another executive quits his job at the port of oakland after an independent investigation into expenses charged to the port. the probe found dozens of employees put questionable charges on the port credit cards. >>> got your traffic and rain on the way coming up. ,, ,,,,,, >>> good morning. a live look at the bay bridge, it's backed up solidly through the may see this morning. there is a stall reported near the metering lights so that's not helping the commute about 20 to 25 minutes to get on the bay bridge. the nimitz 880 through oakland looks good towards downtown. and once again a dense fog advisory issued by chp for portions of eastern contra costa. >> patchy fog out there now out the door. watch out for that especially in some of the interior valleys. but yeah, looks like the 30s and 40s right now. by the afternoon, only in the 50s and 60s. increasing clouds chance of rain is on the way. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn
ocasiono un congestionamiento. >> en el este de oakland un joven es acusado de asesinado antonio edwards mato a dos menores y de ser culpado podría tener la pena capital >> habrá más control en las calles para evitar los accidentes de automóviles. >> hubo una vigilia fuera de la oficina de jerry brown en contra de la iniciativa de deportacion que el apoya. >> nosotros queremos una vida mejor. >> el acta de la confianza será revisada en el congreso. >> no todos los beneficiarios de programa de acción diferida pueden pagar los costos pero hay organizaciones que están reuniendo fondos. >> estaba feliz pero cuándo tuve que pagar los 475 dólares se complico. >> todavia trata de juntar los fondos. >> somos una familia de 5 no podemos. >> este es el caso de muchas familias pero existe ayuda. >> latino community fundation ayuda dando asesoria legal >> estamos trabajando con el centro de la raza con education for consideration y todo esto les ayudara para entender el proceso. >> todos pueden comprometerse a ser lideres y donar dinero. >> antes de enviar una solicitud tienen que estar se
de 16 aÑos acusado de dar muerte a sus padres adoptivos en oakland, se declaro "culpable" en la corte. take vo ---moses kamin, esta siendo juzgado como adulto por la muerte de susan poff de 50 aÑos y robert kamin de 55. ---el acusado fue adoptado por la pareja cuando tenia 6 aÑos y segun las autoridades este dio muerte a sus padres adoptivos en enero pasado, debido a que habia sido suspendido de su escuela por fumar marihuana y no queria enfrentar ese problema. ---al principio kamin se habia declarado "no culpable", pero hoy cambio su declaracion a culpable. cesar ---giselle esteban fue sentenciada a prision de entre 25 aÑos a cadena perpetua por la muerte de la estudiante de enfermeria "michelle le". take vo ---esteban se presento ante una corte del condado de alameda y segun el juez jon rolefson, la acusada nunca mostro signos de remordimiento por la muerte de la joven quien fue su compaÑera de escuela. top vo blanca ---mientras que al hombre acusado de secuestrar y causar la muerte de la adolescente sierra lamar se le imputaron nuevos cargos que sucedieron en morgan hill en 200
. >>> new rules and changes at the top after a strip club spending scandal involving port of oakland. officials relegalled -- revealed yesterday kwan has agreed to retire accused of running up a $4500 dinner tab at a texas strip club setting off an investigation. officials say the port has received repayment of public funds spent on two improper expenditures and now have new rules. >>> sonoma county and concord debating issues today involving growing marijuana for medicinal use. the board will consider proposal to limit patients to having six plants and eight ounces of dry pot per year the same as the state law currently sonoma allows 30 plans and three pounds of dry pot in concord hearing to decide whether patients should continue to be allowed to grow outdoors or move towards banning it city wide. >>> contra costa county board is set to vote today on proposed closure of four fire stations, martinez, walnut creek, we have lafayette and clayton. cuts come -- after voters rejected parcel tax for fire services on the november ballot, no firefighters will lose their jobs because the dis
wife. he says she was dismissed because of a tip-off of an impending police raid. >> the oakland and san francisco police departments are trying take back the streets by keeping guns off them. both departments will hold gun buy-back programs. participants will get $200 cash but a limit of three. the program is sponsored by the boys club and youth uprising. in oakland the program will be held at st. been digits church. in san francisco it's at the boys club. both run from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. for more information go to our website at >>> traffic and weather together here is a live look outside. we've got the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backing up. roads are dry. mike nicco will have full accu-weather forecast and check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >> also new details on the death of mexican-american superstar jenni rivera, why the plane crash has sparked the >>> welcome back. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. we have radar returns and still no proof it is reaching the ground. if it does, a few sprinkles out there. tempera
oficina ubicada en oakland fue reabierta luego que determinaron segura las instalaciones. >>>. >>> la escuela de cupertino estuvo cerrada en la tarde luego que un sospechoso mordiera en el Área, autoridades escolares apagaron toda las luces y pidieron a las niÑos tirarse boca abajo para protegerlos la escuela reabriÓ sus puerta despuÉs. >>> hoy las autoridades cerraron un tramo para investigar un tiroteo y la supuesta vÍctima del atentado resultÓ ser un soldado de la marina, vamos con mÁs informaciÓn. >>> muchas gracias, no sen si el soldar era el blanco del atentado, dijeron las autoridades pero el solo hecho que alguien haya disparado a un vehÍculo en momento a una autopista es suficiente para poner nervioso a los conductores. >>> trabajaba en el Área donde ocurriÓ el problema este mediodÍa y estÁ preocupado que alguien este disparado en la carretera. >>> todos manejamos y nunca sabemos a quiÉn le puede tocar. >>> Él conduce por la carretera hacia su trabajo y vio como quedÓ el vehÍculo en el cual viajaba el marÍn (inaudible) . >>> hoy al mediodÍa cerca de las 13:
home. it landed on a house in oakland hills. he said he heard something but thought he was dreaming. that's the hole the tree put in the kitchen. all four tenants are sleeping somewhere else tonight. >>> let's see if he sleeps through this. the numbers are mostly in the 40's. we've got numbers beginning to collapse after record-high temperatures in the bay area. we do have rain coming in on thursday. let's look at the right now temperatures. san jose at 51 and santa rosa, 43. here's how it looks now as the sun sank slowly in the west. this is a few miles south of santa cruz. but look a little more closely at the water. the tides at ocean beach are beginning to rise. nothing unusual. the earth now being at its closest approach to the sun, so the next couple of days we're gonna have the highest tides of the season. you'll see the low-lying shore area around mill valley. the highway 1 exit often floods at this time of year. we had a record high in santa rosa of 68. and in the headlines, things are all going to change. cooler tomorrow. clouds will be on the increase. then rain and cold
francisco, the ramp to southbound 101 shutdown for another 40 minutes. 880 both directions in oakland between embarcadero and fruitvale down to two lanes roadwork there. eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00 left lane shut, yellow sensors meaning slowing. south 101 peninsula poplar to 92 roadwork until 5:30. >> >> next, the woman who survived six frigid days in the sierra. hear the 911 call when she was discovered alive. >>> radio station at the center of the royal prank controversy. what they are doing to help the family of the nurse who took her own life. >>> phones and tablets ratting on your kids? ftc says mobile apps where children are collecting and sharing information, phone numbers and locations, ftc wants to require parental consent. facebook and g-mail all right this morning, both had brief outages yesterday, no word from google about the cause. facebook says a change to a web address caused its problem. a day after google instagram stopped supporting twitter, twitter is fighting back now you add filters to your photos so you no longer need instagram. you can wrap your iphon
setting a record high of 68. oakland is down to 61. oakland tied a high temperature. here is what is ahead for the bay area. whenever you get high pressure, right behind it you will get unusually cool weather. it will be sunny early tomorrow but then rain will move in late tomorrow night and through wednesday. so, rain and cold late tuesday and wednesday. it will be totally different by the end of the week. fog in the morning will be a factor. we have dense fog, especially for the coast. temperatures start out at 9:00 around 55 for much of the bay area. here is what happened today. high pressure that's over the eastern pacific is finally getting numbered east. so, the big storm track that has been heading north is finally going to sink south. as it does, it's going to bring rain with it by tuesday night. totals will be about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch. tomorrow looks okay. if you are heading out of sfo tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. winds will be out of the west with a high of 58. for the rest, new york is all right with partly cloudy skies and a temperature of 54. chicago's sun
the court roomin oakland haaziq madyun rd >>pam: tonight. police in pleasant hill are trying to determine who tried to set off a pipe bomb at the elementary school. the bomb was found in the bushes outside the principals office. kron 4's j-r stone is following the story and joins us live from pleasant hill. j.r.? p.m., police let this elementary school in the last hour. they were able to dismantle this pipe bomb earlier. it was found near those windows in the bushes. >> we do not know if it was planted while people or here or while people were not here. but certainly, it was planted with the intent to do damage to the school. >> it is alarming but there are a lot of crazy people out there. >> it looks like it was let but it did not go off. >> this is video from the walnut creek bomb squad. able to cut the pipe bomb in half with nobody hurt. while this was going on and some students were taken in the backfield and specific rooms inside the building school ended early. and not as many students were on campus. this had been there for hall longer? the detective had been there since the last t
right now. you can see one of the those sliding in toward berkeley and oakland right along the 880 the 580 and it looks like we have more scattered showers on and off throughout at least the morning hours and then tapering off. but behind that you have all this cold air that's plunging from the gulf of alaska. that's going to keep these temperatures way down. a cool brisk day even if it's dry by the afternoon the the highs only in about the low to the mid-50s so we are going to keep those temperatures down across the board and there are more storms on the way. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we just put up this camera. the san mateo bridge, you will notice that we're seeing kind of unusually slow traffic for this time of the morning. there must be a stall or something there jamming up the works approaching the high- rise. so we'll try to figure it out now what's going on. but again, you're seeing brake lights at least in the westbound lanes approaching the flat section. this is just after you get through the pay gates. eastbound 92 still loo
declaracion hizo el adolescente acusado de asesinar a sus padres adoptivos en oakland. cesar ---ademas, muchos bebes podrian sufrir de hambre a falta de un alimento basico para su nutricion cesar ---no lo olvide, le esperamos a las once. take vo recuerde mantenerse en contacto con nosotros... ---twitter ---facebook top gfx --y tambien si usted se quiere comunicar con nosotros llamenos a nuestro numero telefonico de noticias 944-4813. cesar ---regresando a nuestra historia principal del dia... take vo a 40 horas de que se desplomó la aeronave en la que murió la intérprete jenni rivera, junto a seis acompañantes, elementos de servicios forenses del estado de nuevo leon trasladaron los restos de la diva de la banda y de sus colaboradores al anfiteatro del hospital universitario en la capital del estado, monterrey. blanca --los restos fueron trasladados a una distancia de 200 kilómetros de la capital del estado, procedentes del municipio de iturbide, en donde fueron localizados, de acuerdo con información de elementos periciales que participaron en la búsqueda y localizac
investigating a murder. >> a neighborhood dispute over the former oakland army base tonight objections people are raising over floornz a new jobs center. >> late word from the family of singer jenni rivera, dead in a plane crash, her brother is holding out hope. >> and a teenager tacked for wanting girls to attend schools. some people have taken up her cause. >> this street is where two people were found tied up and wounded, victims of a crime still unsolved tonight, still has not been explained, either. >> it is a puzzling history. who attacked and gagged and bound two young people, dumping them in the street near mcclairen park. one victim died from his injuries. we are live with the latest on this investigation. vic? >> that young victim is in intensive care here in the hospital fighting for her life. a police tell us they have yet to identify her or the male victim, they're waiting for the medical examiner to tell us what caused that young man's death.écçí÷ >> any time there are two victims gagged and bound in the street, left for dead, it probably happens in the movies a lot but in r
, highway 4 tweets about thick fog there so be careful. 30s and 40s inland, 50s bay and coast 57 oakland and half moon bay right now. above average mostly sunny sky, low to upper 60s today, watch out for the r >>> okay, here's the pitch. "the good, the bad, and the ugly" meets "the sopranos" in a horse and buggy. it's a whole new kind of justice in amish country, a brand new reality series that may be the most bizarre one yet. we'll introduce you to the mob boss. keeping things under control among the pennsylvania dutch. >> i don't even know what to say in response to that. >> nope, nope. >> we should move on, right? >>> we have an interesting story out of hollywood. shannen doherty turned hero. she was trying to rescue a fan in trouble. the star's frantic 911 call and what police admitted after they swooped into the scene. >>> also ahead, patriots quarterback, tom brady, his supermodel wife, welcoming baby girl. what has people talking now is actually how the newborn was delivered. why doctors are, in fact, raising red flags about the delivery. >> i want to know the answer. we'll save i
in the upper 30s in santa rosa and fairfield. oakland coming in at 57 degrees. by this afternoon, everywhere is going to warm up. we're going to see mid to upper 60s and then it's going to cool down slightly by tomorrow and really cool down by wednesday. we have a good chance of rain tuesday night into wednesday morning and things look unsettled overred weekend. ,,,,,,,, >>> arnold schwarzenegger is sporting a new look that some blog irsays should be terminated. now, this is how we're used to seeing him, all right? and this is a photo of the governator with a brand-new haircut. what do you think? >> i think -- >> you think you would cringe? welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm thinking what just happened. a series of holiday shows, the ladies of "the talk" would be julie chen, sara gilbert, sharon osborne, sherry underwood who has a crush on charlie rose. i don't know who's more excited, cheryl, you or charlie. >> i am. >> you are? >> i am. we love each other. he just can't tell you all because he want no problem at the table. when i knew i was coming to see my boo charlie rose, i was fli
added a spot for the designated hitter. oakland a's owner charlie finley was perhaps the biggest proponent of the d.h. which allowed better hitters to take the pitcher's place in the batting order. he convinced his fellow american league owners to vote in favor of the change. the following spring the yankee slugger ron bloomberg bam the first d.h. to bat in a regular season game. c
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